Leisure Boats

Cost-effective internet for your boat. Compact equipment that offer industry leading speeds and range.

High Speed Internet

K4 delivers specific solutions to the high end leisure boats that combines simple installation with powerful Internet. Extend range of 4G(LTE)/5G and use satellite as optional backup.

Connected Boats

About K4

Which maritime segments does K4 serve?

We currently serve Yachting and Commercial shipping. We will soon serve Cruise Lines and Leisure Boats.

Do you support both VSAT and LTE?

Yes, we support VSAT, LTE across multiple providers and both Ku and Ka band frequencies.

What is unique about K4?

Our software intelligently selects the best networks to use at any given time and location. Our integrated hardware, software and service makes the installation and management simple, reliable and powerful.

What are K4’s areas of coverage?

We provide worldwide coverage.

About K4’s Service

How much does K4 service cost?

It depends on the plan you choose. We offer global, unlimited plans with the ability to customize your plans.

Do you provide VOIP?

Yes, we provide 2 free VOIP lines.

What are the contract terms?

Our contracts are minimal, flexible and customizable.

Can I pause my service?

Yes, you can pause your service

Can I switch between plans?

Yes, you can switch between plans

How can I manage my plan and usage on the fly?

You can use our digital App to view usage, manage bandwidth and reach out to us for any help.

About K4’s Hardware

Does K4 help in installation and commissioning

Yes, our trained and certified Engineers will help install our system.

What hardware does K4 sell?

We sell our OneBox, OneDome and K4 High Availability Server. We are also authorized resellers of Antenna and Modem Manufacturers.

Can I use my own server and modem?

Yes, however, our preference is for you to use our hardware for best results

Does K4 finance Hardware?

 Yes, K4 finances hardware if needed.

Next Steps

How can I get K4’s service?

Call us at 1-800-453-1324/1-954-400-1288 or email at sales@k4mobility.com and our Sales team will connect with you.

Ready for Global Coverage for Your Leisure Boat?

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