About K4 Mobility

Our History

By the summer of 2018, Michael Small and Anand Chari had dedicated a decade to pioneering inflight internet, only to find that the service was slow and expensive, hard to log on to, and the technology was difficult to understand. But, they saw that all that would change in the next decade. The launch of new satellites and the deployment of 5G technology would make mobile internet much faster and more affordable even in the most remote geographies. New digital platforms would make the service easier to use for customers and more efficient and globally scalable for company operations. Software algorithms would seamlessly select the right network for the customer. So Michael and Anand decided to give it another go ‐ this time on water, rather than in air. K4 Mobility was founded in August 2018.

Our Mission and Vision

The vision for the internet is global and mobile, connecting every person and asset anywhere and everywhere on the planet. Massive investments are underway by many companies around the world in powerful new satellites, sophisticated electronically steerable antenna, and agile software-defined modems. K4’s vision is to be the trusted platform that harnesses rapidly innovating satellite internet technology for maritime and beyond.

Our mission is to build and operate a secure digital platform to harness the power of the internet for maritime, with an inspiring, clear, and convenient technology path for cutting-edge performance now and in the future.

Values and Ethics

We will realize our vision only if we live by values and beliefs that are respected by us, our customers and all our other constituencies. Our values and core beliefs are:


Act ethically and respectfully, with compassion and humility


Deliver amazing solutions with attention to detail, perfect isn't possible


Better data means better decisions


Challenge your comfort zone with new ideas and faster decisions


Scrutinize and consider the impacts of your actions on customers, investors and colleagues


Speak up and respect decisions


Use time and treasure wisely


Hire the best

Meet Our Team

Michael Small

Chairman and Co-Founder

Anand Chari

CEO and Co-Founder

Bryan Lauer

Chief Technology Officer

Rishi Potdar

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Sylla

Senior Architect

Robert Blackman

Operations Manager

Mark Malosh

Sr. Vice President – Operations 

Justin Smith

Director of Solutions Engineering

Archie Alorro 

Systems Engineer

Darryl Matfin

Sales Director

Rukmani Loganathan

Director of Engineering

Ravi Kiran Eticala

Software Architect

K4’s Overseas Development Team

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